Covid-19 revealed the fact that health insurance penetration is alarmingly low in India. The ratio of domestic gross direct premium income (GDPI) underwritten by non-life insurers in respect of health insurance to GDP was just 0.30% in 2020–21.

Despite increased interest in health insurance after the pandemic broke out, very…

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Covid-19 aftershocks on the global economy affected the payments industry across multiple dimensions, pushing firms to adapt. With business models already challenged, black swan pandemic shockwaves adversely impacted revenue as economic activity tanked. …

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From my personal experience, having a Product Owner apart from Product Manager would often create problems than benefits. The product owner layer is the contribution of Scrum and is being adopted by many organizations believing to be useful considering the benefits of many other concepts of Scrum.

When we get…

Shanos Kunhahamu

Product Manager @ FAB | Payments | Fintech | E-Wallet | Cards | Remittance

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